Happy Birthday Dizzie Mackintosh

Today is when the wizard was dropped down from the rap gods.  Smoke away Dizzie and enjoy your day!

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Dizzie Mackintosh Caribbean prince has sat down with “I AM OUT” to  talk about everything from music to relationship feelings. Dizzie rapper out of Dallas just  signed to Z9MUSIC and has taking the game by change. With his “SpaceSpam” bar breaking rhymes and plastic wear swag. Mack  born in barbarous raised in the mean streets of  Milwaukee. Living all over the world ended up in Dallas. Check Out his interview below with DJ TEAK.


DJ TEAK- Dizzie first off big up’s on the signing of Z9 big shit going for you!  How does it feel ?

Dizzie- Thanks it feels crazy to dream this for so long I craved that moment for so long. So many people said I could not do it from friends even family talked about me. How crazy I was for dreaming. 

DJ TEAK- So let’s talk about  your music. Who are you? Who influences you? Who do you blast on you ipod. Tell it all.

Dizze- I look up to people like Childish gambino ,Busta Rymes , Kanye West, Outkast . REAL FUCKING RAP! Back in the day when you had rappers actually rapping a 16 bar and a 5 second bridge. Now rappers are turning into signers and shit not cool. I also love artist like Azeaila Banks (she’s the best) Missy ,Rihanna, Crystal Waters, Grace Jones.

DJ TEAK- Swag true shit! Being a “gay” music artist is it hard to make your mark out here?

Dizzie – Not really at all. I can rap my ass of like a straight rapper just as good. I’m pretty sure there are gay rappers that hide like punks. I am one who is true to me, my fans, and everyone else. Gay is a life style not a set back. That’s like saying white people can’t rap. Talent is talent pure fact.

DJ TEAK- Let’s get off music and into you as a person. Your ep is called #hurt. Why?

DIZZIE- I  have been through a lot of it from music to relationships. Hurt never goes away  it might get better but you can never fully cure it. I’ve been played, lied to, beat it all but it all end’s up one word #hurt. All these feelings I write down to rap form it makes the hurt go away because I release the pain.


DJ TEAK- Really deep! WOW. When  I look at you I can see hurt but your strong as fuck.  Don’t let the bullshit get to you. The beefing and shit. You have talent let it shine.

Dizzie Mackintosh – Thanks Teak so much that means a lot! 


Dizzie- Teak they be trippy ( Dizzie laughing). I say what I need to and move on  the blog’s make it out to be a big bang . If you call yourself an  A class rapper act like it. Twitter is my feelings if you don’t like it unfollow me, block me, spam me. I won’t hold my mouth or fingers for anyone one.  

DJ TEAK- That’s why we love you Dizzie you don’t give a damn! You smoke your blunt anywhere and kick ass with your music.

Dizzie – Damn Right 

DJ TEAK-  Tell us about your up coming  collaboration with fashion designer A Alexander

Dizzie – shurshhhhhhhh lol. It’s a surprise, BUT IT IT’S GOING TO BE EPIC.

Who is your  favorite producer you have worked with thus far?

Dizzie- SO MANY! My fav would be french native Diidoo. He beats are so dope. Check him out. We get along so well and have the same outlook on music.

 DJ TEAK-   Do you have a love life. Yet ?

Dizzie – Well there is one guy but he’s a player type guy. So what ever. He know’s who he is, I love him but all the drama that comes with it. That shit won’t fly. I let him do his thing and I do mines. 


DJ TEAK- What’s space spam?

DIZZIE-  It’s me basically my rap my sound who I am . Space spam is my style of rap. Banks has witch hop, Gaga has art pop ,Dizzie has space spam. It’s crazy sounds mixed together to create a hot ass track.

What event did you most enjoy performing at and why?

Dizzie- I have alot!  My fav was I think my good friends ” First Friday Event” because it’s something new. The crowd didn’t  feel my sound but I pushed it till the end. I kicked ass as well. He was proud of me as well.  My second fav was the Dallas pride 2012 I was so young but I did my shit. The people loved my sound. Some even knew words to my songs. 

DJ TEAK- Dizzie you doing great things for the LGBT family when the team heard your fuck up the fun we had to promote you. You will always have our support stay true to you. Thanks for stopping by Mack!

Dizzie- Thanks babes I love you as well. Thanks for helping me out a lot. I love the blog. DJ TEAK well be seeing each other alot more. hahahah